Employee Engagement Surveys

An engaged employee is someone who “lives” the job, not just “does” the job.  There is a BIG difference!  IRI’s employee engagement surveys accurately and objectively evaluate the work environment of your organization. The survey pinpoints strengths and weaknesses in areas such as leadership behavior, professional development, and trust.  The end result is a tool you can use to focus on areas of opportunity that have the most leverage for increasing employee engagement.

IRI clients recognize the advantages of our professional, customized employee engagement survey approach. IRI guarantees employee anonymity, which promotes employee frankness that comes from giving their opinion to an independent third party. Our process is a proven, cost-effective management tool which will help to:

  • Maintain open communications and trust between employees and management.
  • Identify and prioritize company-wide employee relations problems.
  • Evaluate supervisory and employee development needs.
  • Promote action planning and problem-solving at all levels.
  • Assess the causes of low morale, high turnover, absenteeism and substandard performance/productivity.

IRI surveys include 20 core questions that are proven indicators of employee engagement. These questions are typically used by all our clients, and have national norms that are updated annually.  Our clients often customize the questionnaire to explore other areas of interest such as communications, diversity, training, career growth, safety, etc.  This is usually done at no additional cost for reasonable customizations.

We recommend including one or two open-ended questions to allow employees to make written comments.  Employee feedback of this type increases employee interest and enhances insight into the survey results or other topics of interest to the organization but which cannot be measured objectively.

Report Features & Post-Survey Features:

  • Executive Summary of Results
  • Internal and National Norm Comparisons
  • Feedback Materials
  • Demographic/Organizational Breakouts
  • Multi-lingual Capability
  • Facilitation of Survey Follow-up Groups
  • Complete Action Planning Support

Whatever your reason for conducting an employee engagement survey, you will find that IRI is the best in the business and can help make your employee engagement survey a success. Call IRI at (972) 231-9817, or send an email to irisurveys@iriconsulting.com for more details and information.