Employee Value Proposition

Every company has an Employee Value Proposition (EVP), but many don’t know what it is or how to leverage it.  Understanding your EVP helps maximize the return on investment in employer branding and recruiting by ensuring you are attracting and hiring the right talent with the right fit for your company culture.  A company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP), either explicit or implicit, defines what employees can expect from the total job experience in return for their performance at the workplace.

An EVP articulates the “total value” the company offers employees in exchange for the “value” employees contribute to the company through their effort, commitment, and investment of their careers in the organization.  A clear, effective EVP statement helps attract the best talent, minimize hiring costs by reducing turnover, and most importantly, motivates employees to be brand ambassadors.  After all, your employees can be the strongest and most effective advocates for your business and help build your employer brand.

Understanding your EVP and matching your culture to potential employees will help you get the right motivational and cultural fit.  How do you define and understand your EVP?

IRI’s proven methodology includes simple two-question survey of all employees, and a very rigorous analysis of this feedback to learn:

  • why employees accept positions at your company, i.e., the “motivators”,
  • what things are important to employees, and
  • why employees stay.

The end product is a clear, concise Employee Value Proposition statement that appeals to potential candidates whose motivational drivers and career interests are most aligned with your company culture.

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