Client Reviews

I first worked with Everet in 2008 when a mutual client invited us to join a multi-disciplinary team with the task of identifying what employees valued most about working for the business.  Simple - except the research needed to hear the authentic voices of over 4,000 individuals in 7 languages across 12 global markets.  And, just to make life interesting, we had to deliver the findings to a management conference which was being held 45 days after our initial project meeting!  With what I now know to be trademark calm, rigor and attention to detail, Everet delivered outstanding results on time, on budget, and with enormous long-term impact.  I have worked with him regularly since and he truly is a master of his craft. (CEO - Green Lion)

When researching vendors to support our team engagement survey project it was refreshing to find that IRI could meet our needs for a reasonable price.   Once we got started, the support we received from IRI exceeded my expectations.  Everet was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive.  The IRI team provided us with recommendations for best practices based on their experience while allowing us to customize the materials, survey, and process to fit our individual needs.  The follow up after the survey was also exceptional!  I feel IRI provided us with all of the tools to make our team engagement survey as successful as we wanted it to be.” (Director of Training and Communication at National Dentex)

Everet is a highly motivated, results-oriented, resourceful and service minded professional.  I had the opportunity to work with Everet on several projects.  He has always been very flexible and detail-orientated, and always ready to help when I needed his help in critical situations. He also keeps what he promises me as a customer.  Based on my experience, I can unreservedly recommend Everet as a business partner and as a very competent manager of IRI.  (Human Resources Manager – McDonald’s Denmark)

Everet’s expertise on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator was very helpful. I appreciated him taking the time to not just explain the approach and principles, but to ensure that I understood them. He created a zero-pressure environment for me to self-identify prior to receiving my results and was then able to help me understand the nuances in those results. I then spent each day over the course of a few weeks thinking about the application of those results in my work and personal life. It really did help me better understand my tendencies and was confirmation that each person has natural tendencies and will approach a problem or challenge from a different perspective. Really insightful and practical!!  (Owner - Impacting Paradigms)

I had the pleasure of working with Everet Bluth when our company decided to conduct an Employee Engagement Survey. The survey was customized to meet the needs of our organization, conducted according to plan and with the utmost professionalism. It proved to be a valuable tool in gaining additional insight about employee attitudes and perceptions, management effectiveness and a host of other organizational attributes. Tangible operating enhancements, most notably increased employee engagement, were realized as a result of the survey and subsequent Focus Groups facilitated by Everet and his team. I highly recommend Everet and his firm.  (VP, Human Resources - Corsicana Mattress Company)

I am writing to recommend the services of IRI, I have worked with Everet and the team for 6 years whilst they completed our internal employee engagement survey. His knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our survey current to ensure we get the best engagement from employees. I feel confident in recommending IRI as a supporting company to any business. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.  (Restaurant System Manager - McDonald's Restaurants Franchisee)

Everet Bluth is a very dependable expert who is a pleasure to work with. Everet does what he says, when he says and has a great attitude. He is very service oriented and very easy to work with. With a very impressive combination of skills, he has the ability to work through very complex statistical tasks and then provide an easy and logical result that always adds value. Everet has truly become more than just a trusted business partner, he has become a great friend. It is without reservation, my pleasure to give Everet my highest recommendation.  (Owner/Founder - Perceptyx, Inc.)